Saturday, 10 January 2009


Today I went into the market in Kimbe town. It is about 40 mins drive from the base (at least i think it's 40 mins, I'm rubbish at calculating distance and time.) We just went through the market and some second hand shops looking for a bargain. I found lots of nice things, a few dresses and some meri blouses (a type of top that all the nationals wear here.) 

We had lunch in a Papua New Guinea version of KFC. The only thing that was similar in this KFC to the one back home was the fact that the sign outside was red. I'm just glad we ate there and didn't wait until we got right into the market. You can see from the picture below what was on the menu there, chicken toes. LOVELY.  

I'm just about to go to bed now, it's 10pm here. We are all up at 5am tomorrow cause we're heading into the bush to visit a tribe. We're going early so that we can go to church and have lunch afterwards with them. I'm really looking forward to it, should be a great day. I'll take lots of pictures so you can have a look at what went on.


Emma x


mauswara said...

Chicken feet are very common in Chinese restaurants around the world. Even the RoundHaus in Boroko have them. (Yum Cha - Sunday morning - highly recommended).

I bet they are a lot cheaper in Kimbe though :-)

javieth said...

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